How to Prepare Your Home for AC Installation in San Antonio, TX

How to Prepare Your Home for AC Installation in San Antonio, TX

July 5, 2018

Looking to install a brand new air conditioning unit in your home? Whether it’s the first installation or you’re upgrading an older unit to a more modern, energy efficient version, you’ll be increasing the comfort of your home while also adding to its value, which makes AC installation in San Antonio, TX a great home project for a variety of reasons.

Before the contractors arrive to install the brand new unit, there are some steps you can take to prepare for the installation and make the process a lot easier on the day the job is completed. Here are some tips to help you prepare!

Review the load calculation

During the first visit to your house, your chosen HVAC contractor should have conducted a heating and cooling load calculation. This calculation factors in the structure, roof, windows, direction and location of your home to help them determine the type and size of equipment they’ll need to install.

You can ask your contractor for a copy of this calculation, and ask for explanations if it doesn’t make sense to you. If the contractor did not perform this calculation, we strongly recommend you go with a different contractor, because this is an extremely important part of getting the right equipment for your home’s needs. A lack of calculation or an incorrect calculation could result in you getting either too much or too little air conditioner for your home, which could result in either poor cooling or unnecessarily high energy bills.

Clean and seal off your ducts

It makes sense to have your ducts cleaned before you install a brand new furnace or air conditioner. After all, you don’t want to introduce old, caked-on dirt into a brand new unit. Plus, having clean air is better for your health and for the overall HVAC system.

Therefore, arrange for a duct cleaning before you get the air conditioner installed, especially if you can’t remember the last time you had your ducts cleaned (or if you’ve never had your ducts cleaned). Then, you can make sure they’re correctly sealed off before the installation work begins, preventing new dust from getting lodged in the system before the air conditioner’s even been installed.

Clear a path and the area of installation

Before the air conditioner is installed, make sure there’s easy access to the area where the unit will rest. The simplest processes here include moving toys, chairs, tables and other easily movable items, and getting any yard waste out of the area. If you have plants in the area the unit will be installed, you may need to dig them up and either dispose of them or transplant them to another area. The idea is to make the installation process as easy as possible for your technician.

For more information about how you can best prepare for AC installation inS an Antonio, TX, contact the team at Air Conditioning Unlimited LLC today. We look forward to answering any questions you have about our residential air conditioning services!

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