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Some Reasons to Consider Buying a New Air Conditioner in the Fall

November 9, 2018

We’re all looking forward to the moment when the air conditioner can finally be switched off after a long, hot summer. But don’t stop thinking about the air conditioner just yet—fall is actually the perfect time to purchase a new air conditioner. After October, most homeowners don’t even consider the AC until the hot temperatures arrive again next summer. Then they’re greeted by a terrible surprise when they find the unit is no longer working or needs hundreds of dollars of repairs when they go to turn it on in the summer. The fall season is the perfect time to... View Article

How to Prepare an Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit for Winter

October 26, 2018

The air conditioner is your hero during the hot summer months, but the outdoor unit’s work is done once the leaves begin to fall in the autumn. The AC will take the next few months off while the furnace takes over the job of keeping the home comfortable. That means it’s time to winterize your AC unit to protect it against snow, cold and ice. Heating and cooling units require year-round care to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Winterizing your AC now ensures it will still be ready once the warm temperatures return next spring and can help you... View Article

Humidity and Your AC

September 26, 2018

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”? What causes discomfort during the long San Antonio summers is not necessarily the high temperatures, but the stifling humidity. This humidity can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system. In exploring humidity inside the home, your HVAC contractor in San Antonio, TX has found some interesting facts that will help keep you comfortable. Removing Humidity Your air conditioner’s job is not only to reduce the temperature inside your home, but also to reduce the humidity. The AC works hard to remove extra moisture from the air to... View Article

Get Your Home Air Conditioning in San Antonio, TX Summer Ready

September 12, 2018

Will you be able to survive a hot Texas summer? You don’t stand a chance without a high performing air conditioning system. To keep cool and comfortable, it’s crucial to take some simple steps to ensure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. Follow our simple guide in preparing your home air conditioning unit in San Antonio, TX for the summer season. Replacing the Filters The simplest step is to replace the air filters in the HVAC system. If the filter is dirty and clogged with dust, it’s time to change it out. We recommend following the manufacturer-recommended specifications on... View Article

How to Choose a Good HVAC Contractor in San Antonio, TX

July 5, 2018

Your heating and cooling systems require ongoing maintenance to keep them in great operating condition for years to come. Of course, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to manage the care of these important systems in your home—you should do your due diligence in selecting a qualified HVAC contractor in San Antonio, TX. Here are a few tips to help you choose a trustworthy HVAC contractor in your area: Get referrals Your first step should be to ask friendsand family who they use for their HVAC service. After all, these are people who know and care about you, and whose opinions... View Article


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