High Velocity & Ductless Air Conditioners in West Columbia, TX

The Unico System

If you’ve got an inefficient air conditioning system or are looking to update your home with a more modern air handling system, Air Conditioning Unlimited LLC can help. We’re experts on both high velocity and ductless varieties of air conditioners in Columbia, TX, and we recommend both to our customers.

High Velocity Air Conditioning

High velocity air conditioning systems are similar in nature to a traditional AC unit. The difference is in the ductwork, which is extremely accommodating to established homes, making it a great retrofit option. Small ”2-2.5” ductwork replaces bulky ducts, allowing you to preserve the architecture of your home.
Concerned about efficiency? High velocity systems distribute more air, quicker, with better dispersion into a room. And, there’s less than 2% duct leakage as compared to traditional ducting (up to 20%), to ensure maximum efficiency. Small duct, high velocity installations even have their own rating system, independent of traditional ratings.

These systems are also very quiet, despite their forceful operation. They tend to run about 20db, versus approximately 37db or higher from traditional units. This is similar to rustling leaves, giving you a nice level of ambient white noise in the background while your system is running.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

A ductless air conditioner in Columbia, TX—also called a mini split system—is modular in design, meant to cool a single room of the home efficiently. They’re great for areas where ducting isn’t possible or for isolated rooms that demand their own climate controls.

Ductless systems are easily installed on any exterior wall. They’re small enough to fit tight spaces, requiring only a small outlet for drainage. Don’t let the size fool you though! These units are incredibly efficient for both heating and cooling. They’ll deliver climate-controlled air to your room with swiftness and reliability.

Worried a ductless system will stick out like a sore thumb? These units are easy to blend into existing décor. They also come in a variety of styles, to accommodate your design preferences.

Get the Right AC System

Thinking about replacing your AC system with something more efficient and reliable? Consult with Air Conditioning Unlimited LLC today about a high velocity or ductless system. Reach our experts today at 979-345-5555 for more information.